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Memorial Day is a day we remember the men and women of our US Military who have given their lives to our great nation while serving on active duty.

Our ability to live and work in a country such as ours was made possible by those who put on the uniform and swore to defend our flag and constitution. Those who served our country and those now serving, many in harm’s way, are to be remembered and honored today.

Today we are fighting enemies seen and unseen and we must fight together. Please be mindful to give thanks to those people who serve us as we continue to search for the ways to return our lives to normal. Our lives may be forever changed, but the greatest country has always found a way to rise up. 

For the nearly two thousand veterans and 4000 employees that are our HMR family, we stand strong in our service to each of you and your families and are blessed to have your talents on our team and in our mission

Thank you to all the current and former members of our US Military and to our state partners that allow us to serve the veterans of South Carolina, Maryland, Alabama and Texas. Today we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice and they will never be forgotten.

Bill Biggs, PresidentHMR Veterans Services