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Jan Childress McCrary, a resident of Greenville, South Carolina, has a diverse background in investments and the healthcare industry.  She has been an owner of HMR Veterans Services, Inc. for over 15 years and has served an integral role on its Board of Directors.

Jan is a member of a local family office investment group that owns Inspirium Health, a provider of home health, hospice and personal care in South Carolina. She is committed to enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality within her community.  Her dedication extends beyond ownership as she serves as Vice Chairwoman of the Medical University of South Carolina Foundation Board and member of the Hollings Cancer Center Advisory Board.  Additionally, she serves as a board member and Chair of the capital campaign for the Neighborhood Cancer Connection.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Jan embodies a commitment to education and community engagement. Her longstanding support of Clemson University earned her the designation of honorary alumna in January 2019.  She has served on the President’s Advisory Board, ITPAY Board and the Clemson Will to Lead $1B capital campaign.

Jan is thankful to be highly engaged with her family. Between she and her husband, Bill, they share three children, eight grandchildren and Jan’s parents are still active and are her nearby neighbors.

Jan Childress McCrary