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HMR Veterans Services, Inc. (HMRVSI) understands that States have a choice when it comes to providing management services for their State Veterans Homes. We are proud that many States choose to partner with HMRVSI in order to provide cost-effective services and continuum of care that meets the spiritual, social, emotional, physical and rehabilitative needs of our nation’s Veterans. We are committed to providing a warm and stimulating environment that will enhance and improve our residents’ quality of life. HMRVSI management services and consulting services strive for the best possible care and living environment for Veterans that we serve.

HMRVSI is the gold standard in management services for State Veterans Homes. All available references will be proudly shared upon request.


“Serving Those Who Served.” This is a motto that HMRVSI is fortunate to live by each and every day. HMRVSI has tools, resources, and valuable expertise aimed at achieving the highest level of care in State Veterans Homes. We are proud to partner with States to provide management and consulting services and to navigate the unique healthcare environment provided for our Veterans.


HMR Veteran Services, Inc. (HMRVSI) was formerly known as HMR Governmental Services Inc. The company was established in 1998 to provide management services to State Veterans Homes. The company’s leadership recognized that Veteran Homes served a unique group with unique physical and psychosocial needs. To create a dedicated approach to Veteran’s care, and a dedicated company to oversee that, HMRVSI was formed on October 1, 2005 to address the specific needs of Veterans in State Homes. This focus has led to a variety of programs unique to Veterans Homes and a unique involvement in the communities served.

HMRVSI currently provides management services to all of the following entities: HMR of Alabama, Inc., HMR Governmental Services, Inc., Advantage Veterans Services of Walterboro, Texas VSI, LLC., VSI of SC, and HMRx. These entities provide top quality direct care to Veterans and their families in State Veterans Homes.


All HMRVSI supported facilities are active members of the National Association of State Veterans Homes and remain up to date with changes in the VA system. Many of these changes result in benefits that are afforded to our Veterans, such as support for service-connected disabilities and VA funding for facilities to assist in the recruitment and retention of qualified staff. All facilities are actively involved in State Associations in the States that we serve. These organizations provide critical information, support and networking to facility staff, families, and residents.