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Campbell and Veteran’s Victory House are facilities of the South Carolina Department of Mental Health


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Veterans Victory House is owned by the State of South Carolina and managed by Advantage Veterans Services of Walterboro, LLC. We are part of a dynamic corporation that caters to the long-term care needs of Veterans.


Mission Statement

We are dedicated to serving the long-term care needs of South Carolina veterans by providing quality care in a supportive environment. We do this through a cooperative effort with the South Carolina Department of Mental Health, the Department of Veterans Affairs, or Family Support Group and our caring, trained staff.


Admissions and Eligibility

From its birth more than 200 years ago, the United States has maintained a tradition if caring for citizens who have served in her military. When there was a need, these Veterans answered the call. And now, our country recognizes and honors its obligations to do the same for them.


The Veterans' Victory House is a modern testimony to the ongoing commitment. With funds provided by the Federal government and the state of South Carolina, the 220-bed facility was built specifically to serve the Veterans of South Carolina.


Veterans are eligible for care in our home if they have been a resident of South Carolina for one year, require skilled nursing care, and were honorably discharged for the United States military. The active duty military service must be qualified through the Veterans Administration. Veterans who would like more information should contact their county Veterans Affairs Officer, or call Sarah Kirchman at (803) 737-5441, or call Admissions at (843) 538-3000.


Medical Care and Services

A nurse is assigned to each resident to assist with basic daily needs. A nurse works with the resident, family , and multidisciplinary/care plan team to develop a working plan of care. A plan of care covers daily living activities (eating, dressing, bathing, ambulating) and educating the residents to maintain or increase independence to improve their well-being. Care is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to all residents.


Services include:


Activities and Volunteers

Recreational Services are provided on a daily basis. Activities will be posted on a monthly basis.


  • Current Events
  • Pet Therapy
  • Sports Picks
  • Card and Table Games
  • Reminiscing
  • Exercise Class
  • Musical Events
  • Movie & Popcorn
  • Coffee Club/Seasonal Voices


Off campus activities will be scheduled, such as plays, musical concerts, and community events. Restaurants within 20 miles will be visited on a regular basis.


Volunteers can assist residents and staff in daily activities. We encourage individuals from the community to participate in our facility. If anyone in your family, organization, or community would like to volunteer, please contact Recreational Services, to schedule an interview.